What Are Some of the Advantages of Console Gaming Over PC Gaming?

to play games or you can buy a computer that will run your games. There are good points to each type. Find out what some of the advantages of console gaming over PC gaming.

The first is cost. Many times the cost of console gaming is much cheaper. The reason is that typically a console is going to be cheaper in the long run than a computer high powered enough to run games properly.

With a console you don’t have the need to constantly be upgrading your hardware. With a PC, every few months you have upgrades you can be making to get to the point of running the newest games properly. A console doesn’t required this.

You know for a fact that each game that you buy for your console is going to work with your machine. Sometimes no matter how well you match up the requirements, certain games just don’t function properly on a PC which can be frustrating. A game purchased on your console will just work the way it needs to.

Console gaming offers you simplicity. You don’t have to deal with driver issues or hardware not working with other hardware. It is simple since you just turn it on and play.

Console gaming is more multi-player friendly. It is easy to play two, three, and four player games. This is difficult to do on the computer as you just have one keyboard and one mouse. You can do this online, but it’s not the same as playing with someone right there in the room with you.

The last advantage of console gaming is that you don’t have to install any of your games. They will just work out of the box without having to wait for the installation process to happen.

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Console Games – Are Console Games a Saving Grace for PC Games?

pc games from going obsolete. Tell us, when was the last time you got crazy about a computer game as much as say, some of the console games. And while console games are making big news, you might probably wonder what happened to the step-brotherly branch of PC games? However, when one thinks of PC games, there are few things that come to mind. Unimaginative, bland, mediocre- these are the three adjectives that can be used to describe the PC games. Ironically the technology that helped built the PC games is the same technology that caused just about everyone to forget about it. Believe it or not, the game console has really taken over.

The power of console is growing, thanks to gamers who are switching over in a big way. In fact consoles have some amazing pros associated with it. Essentially, everyone stands to gain the same gaming experience. On the other hand, the growth of internet has proven unfavorable to the PC gaming industry. These days, loads of free games are easily available on the net. We Farm, anyone? So why should today’s youth shell out cash for complex, expensive games when free ones are available? Yes, indeed times have changed and we live in an uber-cool, ultra-modern, ultra-mobile world, where technology has to keep pace with the life-style. However, it is still unimaginable for a PC user to go ahead and cough up cash to upgrade their PC just to play a PC game, let alone purchasing a beefed-up PC rig for show off purposes. C’mon on, grow up guys. Okay, the tech geeks of the world are into it, but a typical consumer may never want to get into it.

Star craft -II, a console game has managed to rack up over three million sales, a number that is definite to increase.The game has been receiving rave reviews and is described as “great” and “astounding” and even “ground-breaking”. Simply put, it has not only lived up to the expectations, but exceeded them, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. It offers the gamers an incredibly rich, in-depth experience. Players get to make, political, strategic and economic decisions all for the sake of creating a mind-blowing experience. Civilization 5 though have a few bugs in the system, but be assured they surely will be ironed out as times goes on.

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